Company Profile


Since 1978, AEROFLEX® has been manufactured by Eastern Polymer Industry Co., Ltd. Through all these years of continuous development, Aeroflex has become the world’s leading manufacturer of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Methylene) synthetic rubber based closed cell light weight elastomeric thermal insulation with multiple manufacturing operations in USA, China, India, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Thailand. The insulation is marketed under the brand AEROFLEX® which is the ideal EPDM insulation with outstanding physical properties for chilled water, refrigerant, hot water pipings and air duct system in HVAC&R industry. AEROFLEX® has been widely recognized and installed in many international high standard buildings for energy saving and preventing condensation. From January 1, 2013,Aeroflex Division becomes an independent company, named Aeroflex Co., Ltd. (AFC).